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DC motors

As global leaders in the field of manufacturing electric motors specially designed for marine applications, we take pride in having produced over 130,000 DC motors for marine application as part of thruster systems. Nowadays more than 75% of the newly built tunnel thrusters worldwide use our DC electric motors.
Having unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of purpose-built DC thruster motors, we developed unique and state-of-the-art electric motors, which define the character of our thruster series. Our DC thruster motors strike the right balance between ultimate performance and reasonable power consumption, and between modest weight and most compact installation sizes.

Our EMS Performance bow thruster series features innovative DC electric motors allowing up to 12 minutes of continuous operation per hour, while being 10% more efficient than existing thruster motors. That allows our Performance thruster systems to require lower amp draws and thus demand less from the electrical installation on board.

Standart operational time
Our EMS Standard bow thruster series features DC electric motors allowing approximately 3 minutes of continuous operation per hour.
Overheat protection

Important safety feature of all Thrust EMS electric motors is the built-in overheat protection. 

Smoother and silent operation

We chose SKF Explorer Bearings, notable for their smooth and silent operation, and utmost reliability under extreme duty cycles

Additional vibration eliminated

The additional vibrations casued by the ventilation fan are eliminated, as the fan is not present in most of our thruster motors

Reduced motor shaft vibrations

We have substantially reduced motor shaft vibrations, which makes the use of a flexible coupling unnecessary in thruster models below 185mm tunnel size

Anti-vibration control

Rigorous anti-vibration control and testing


Our solenoids are specifically designed and built for ThrustEMS.
The innovative DC thruster motors as part of our Performance series are matched with purpose-built solenoids with extremely long duty cycle. Our Standard series bow thrusters include very intermittent duty cycle solenoids.  Highest power in coil allows a strongest return spring to be used, giving excellent switching characteristics available.
Incomplete increase in run time - 12 min/h

The combination of innovative DC motors and intermittent duty solenoids guarantees the unique feature of our Performance series, namely, 12 minutes of continuous operation per hour. That is, more than a fourfold increase in run time compared with existing thruster brands.

Damage protection

All solenoids are equipped with transient voltage suppressors, which protect from damage due to sudden or momentary overvoltage conditions.


All solenoids are protected by a self-extinguishing cover and are mounted directly on the motor.

Motor Bracket

We rely on a carefully selected aluminum alloy to ensure the long lifetime of our motor brackets and minimize their weight.  They provide the necessary strong support for our state-of-the-art DC motors, fastening the upper part and underwater section of the thruster to the tunnel.

Gear leg

The unparalleled expertise of Elrpom EMS JSC in the design of bronze and aluminum castings has resulted into the development of a slim and streamlined gearleg. It is made of water-resistant bronze, more precisely CuAl10Fe5Ni5. Its hydrodynamic shape ensures low water resistance and thus less cavitation inside the thruster tunnel.
In collaboration with SKF, the world leader on the bearings market, we came up with original solutions how restrict gearleg vibrations to bare minimum. Driveshaft and propeller shaft are equipped with SKF Explorer ball bearings, fitted in optimal tolerances to reduce vibrations.
Perfect accuracy

We have incorporated CNC machining of the gear house into our manufacturing processes. The right tolerances and angles of all shaft and bearing surfaces are achieved through CNC machining to 2/1000mm accuracy.

Dampen vibrations

Heavy-duty seal designed for separation of two media, combines excellent contamination protection and supreme sealing performance.  Our seal is specifically designed to dampen vibrations caused by the rotation of the propellers which may damage the gears, i.e. it performs functions similar to those of a flexible coupling. 

Quieter experience

We rely on purpose-built hardened spiro-conical gears, developed for us by leading German manufacturers. The precise elemental geometry leads to a quieter running of the gear sets and longer lifetime.

Sealed for life

Being "sealed for life", the gear house is pre-filled with a high quality gear-oil to ensure lifetime lubrication requiring zero maintenance.


As a result of considerable development work and numerous tests, we invented and now produce our unique skewback six-blade propeller. Our propellers are spline driven, so there is no need for dubious drive pins. Our Performance and Standard bow thruster range allows customers to choose from single and twin propeller propulsion systems. 

Single Propeller
ThrustEMS single propeller bow thruster systems feature unrivalled energy efficiency and compact size, which makes them an ideal solution for relatively smaller boats or where installation space is limited.
          The characteristic design of our propeller was specifically developed to ensure that “ahead” thrust almost coincides with “reverse” thrust, i.e. the single propeler thruster system is reliable for maneuvering in both directions. 
          The skewback shape of our propellers generates less cavitation, which, in addition to the carefully chosen hydroacoustic design, results in great noise reductions. 
Twin Propeller
Being the first company to introduce a twin propeller system on a tunnel diameter as small as 150mm, ThrustEMS products are destined to provide utmost pleasure and reliability when maneuvering regardless of the vessel size.
ThrustEMS state-of-the-art twin propeller propulsion system maximizes generated thrust per given tunnel size. We offer twin propeller bow thruster systems appropriate for a wide range of tunnel diameters, that is, 150mm, 185mm and 250mm. These are ultimately reliable maneuvering systems appropriate for virtually all boat sizes, and particularly appealing to captains with extremely high performance requirements.

Aluminium Anode

An easy to access and replace ALUMINIUM anode forms an integral part of our thruster systems. It gives the necessary protection of metal parts against destructive electrolysis and erosion in the presence of sea water. 

Control panels

Harness the full potential of ThrustEMS maneuvering systems with our touch panels and joysticks. Stylish, compact and easy to handle, our control panels are milled from anodized aluminum which makes them shine through your dashboard.

All panels operate with a wide voltage input of 10.5V -28V DC and are suitable for electrical installations of all boat types. With the splitter cables the connection to a fly-bridge panel can be made very easily.


The top sides of all thruster panels are waterproof to IP66 and feature the following characteristics:

  • Built-in time lapse device to avoid thruster damage when changing directions too swiftly (port to starboard and vice versa)
  • Temperature safety: the control panel switches the thruster off in case of too high a temperature. That is indicated by means of a LED indicator and a buzzer. It is always possible to use the thruster in a “pulse mode”.  By releasing the push button or joystick and then activate it again, the thruster motor will be enabled for three seconds, each time until the temperature is cooled down
  • Protection against erroneous switching (aka children-proof setting)
  • Protection against continuous use. Depending on the settings, the thruster system can be switched off automatically when operated continuously more than 2 minutes
  • Detection by the relay. If an interruption occurs in the wiring of the control current circuit of the relay, the LED on the panel will blink intermittently with a red color
  • When the panel has not been activated for a certain period of time, it can automatically switch off. Depending on the settings panel switches off after 30, 60 120 minutes