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About us

The ThrustEMS project was launched by the company Elprom EMS JSC  with one clear objective in mind. That is, to design and produce all components of the ultimate Electric Maneuvering System (hence the abbreviation).
With more than 50 years of industrial experience, the company Elprom EMS JSC is global leader in the field of manufacturing AC electric motors and DC electric motors specially designed for marine applications.
Historically, the primary focus of the company was the traction and hydraulic DC motors for fork-lifters, golf carts and electric cars. Over the past 12 years, our production processes have shifted steadily towards the design and manufacture of purpose-built DC electric motors for tunnel thrusters (used in bow thrusters, stern thrusters and hydraulic thrusters).
We take pride in having produced over 130,000 DC motors for marine applications, which play a crucial role in thruster systems. Nowadays more than 75% of the newly-built tunnel thrusters worldwide use our DC electric motors.

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